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 Auditions for Moon Over Buffalo

The Willits Community Theatre
 Auditions for three roles for Ken Ludwig’s classic Broadway comedy Moon Over Buffalo  
Directed by Bill Barksdale         
WHEN:  Saturday, July 8 and Saturday, July 15 at 3 P.M.
WHERE:  The Willits Community Theatre Playhouse, 37 West Van Lane, just behind Shanachie Pub.
WHAT:  2 men, aged 20 to 35, and one woman, aged 20 to 35.
EILEEN is an up and coming actress who has had an affair with aging matinee idol George Hay.  Her pregnancy by George sets off a series of comic events that resolves with a happy ending.
PAUL is a sassy and sophisticated actor and theatre producer
HOWARD is a television weatherman who thinks he’s in “show business”.  He’s Rosalind’s boyfriend.
Barksdale is a veteran director with a long string of hits for WCT over the past 23 years, including The Haunting of Hill House, Barefoot in the Park, Cooking with Gus, On Golden Pond, Shirley Valentine, Dead Man’s Cell Phone, Lips together Teeth Apart, Blithe Spirit, and others. He is an exciting director who excels at getting the very best performance possible out of his actors.
Moon Over Buffalo is due to begin rehearsals August 1 and will open November 3 for a ten show run, closing on November 19.  If you have questions about the show or about the characters call Barksdale at 459-1200 or at 489-2322.


Your talents are in demand at the Willits Community Theatre – come to our auditions and be part of a show. All abilities, talents, and skills are needed.

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The Trial of the Wicked Witch

The Willits Community Theatre will be holding auditions for a summer play, The Trial of the Wicked Witch, that will feature a cast of child actors. Auditions will be held at the Willits Community Theatre Playhouse, 37 West Van Lane, (behind Shanachie Pub) on Saturday May 27 and Saturday June 3. Auditions for both dates will run from 4 to 6 PM.
The story line for The Trial of the Wicked Witch is, that the wicked witch from many fairy tales has been caught at last and she is being brought to trial. The courtroom is filled with some of the biggest names in fairy tales – Cinderella, Snow White, Rumpelstilskin, Prince Charming and the Big Bad Wolf and more – and they argue back and forth over the question, did she, or didn’t she do all those horrible things that people say she did?
For this show we are looking for 9 girls and 5 boys, ages 10 to 14. The show rehearses in June and July (with a week off for the Fourth of July) and runs for four shows from July 29 thru August 6. For more information about The Trial of the Wicked Witch please call or email play director Shawna Jeavons at 489-1969 or

Press contact — Steve Marston 459-4728 or 337-6090.


About “The Trial of the Wicked Witch” Director Shawna Jeavons:

Shawna Jeavons has agreed to direct a special kids’ show for the Willits Community Theatre this summer. The show is The Trial of the Wicked Witch by playwright Craig Sodaro. It will run Saturday July 29 at 7 PM, Sunday July 30 at 2 PM, Saturday August 5 at 7 Pm and Sunday August 6 at 2 PM.
Jeavons was born in Palo Alto, California and was raised in Willits. She is the daughter of biointensive master gardener John Jeavons and school teacher and community activist Robin Leler. She attended Willits schools and was very active in theatre and dance programs in Willits during her girlhood. In 1986, she acted in the Mendocino College/ Red Barn Theatre co-production of David and Lisa in 1986, which was directed by Linda Posner. She danced in Jenna Byrne’s Dance Studio and also in Carolyn Wadman’s ballet class at the Little Lake Grange. As an 11 year old, she acted in the Willits Community Theatre’s first melodrama, The Curse of the Aching Heart, which was directed by Lanny Cotler in 1988.
Shawna became involved in sports and peer counseling while attending Willits High. In 2014, she was a re-entry student at the University of California at Berkeley majoring in theatre, dance and performance arts. One of her greatest thrills was attending the Galway Arts Festival in Ireland during the summer of 2015. Ms. Jeavons will graduate from UC Berkeley in June 2017.