“And Ryan – who possesses a classical technique which he cleverly puts into his steel-string guitar’s service – is definitely a gifted and talented musician whose musical world is as poetic as it is personal. ”

— Roland Dyens, Guitarist and Composer

About :

Ryan Ayers is a composer and solo guitarist; and, while his music is classical in nature, an evening in concert with Ryan is anything but traditional. Each of his original pieces feels approachable for a modern audience, and Ryan’s masterful storytelling rounds out the experience, giving deeper meaning to each song he plays.

Ryan takes you into his world and holds you there; until each piece becomes as personal for the listener as it is for the artist. As a result, a performance by Ryan Ayers ends up feeling more like an intimate conversation, set to a rich, vibrant soundtrack. Whether you are a musical aficionado or a stranger to classical guitar, this peek behind the curtain will give you new appreciation for the craft Ryan has spent years refining.

Ryan Ayres, Photo by Catie Laffoon

Ryan Ayres, Photo by Catie Laffoon

— Sean Samimi, Aranjuez Artistic Services

“Ryan’s playing and music were so thoughtful and crafted under their simplicity. I love his subtle musical humor and I could hear the influences of some favored composers (we’re both Steve Reich fans we discovered). Lot’s a simpatico indeed.”

— Mitch Benoff, Professor Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music“Ryan Ayers has the rare combination of great technique, depth of musicianship, and a fantastic level of comfort on stage. His rapport with audiences belies his age, and leaves everyone with a warm and fuzzy feeling at the end of the evening.”
— Martha Masters, Guitarist and President of the Guitar Foundation of America

“Beautiful and touching. Ayers’s performance of his own works shows an intelligent exploration of colors and rhythms with a thoughtful sense of rich musical juxtaposition.”


“Ryan was not only gifted musically but he was also so charming and engaging. Just delightful!”

— Judith, Concert Attendee