Alleycat Al talks “scoring” with Director Don Samson

Alleycat Al talks “scoring” with Director Don Samson of “The Last of the Red Hot Lovers”, by Neil Simon, Playing at WCT April 20 – May 6, 2018

Alleycat Al here. Of course I’m excited to sit down with the director of this smash-aroo hit sex comedy, one that figures to deliver the real yum-yums.
Q. Let’s start with the fact this play is about the owner of a seafood restaurant.
A. Why there?
Q. Isn’t this play about scoring?
A. Yes, to a degree.
Q. Well, let’s talk about scoring some fresh fish? It must be part of the props on stage.
A. I think you’re barking up the wrong tree here.
Q. Excuse me, but let’s leave the barking to the dogs, okay? And everyone knows that fish do not grow in trees.
A. Fine. Can we talk about the characters?
Q. Frankly I’m one cat who has no luck with scoring fresh fish.
A. You realize one actor plays all three women?
Q. That sounds amazing and challenging. Are there costume changes?
A. Several.
Q. So who is this actor playing the three females?
A. Kelly Kesey.
Q. Hey, I’ve heard of her. Back in the day when I hung out with my best buddy Crook, we caught some play about a dingy corner of Manhattan and the bums and a real live love affair. That was some hot babe.
A. That was Kesey in “Angel of Chattam Square”.
Q. Wow, the same babe is in Red Hot Lovers?
A. Yes. It was my idea to cast her in all three female roles.
Q. Tell me about her roles.
A. First, she plays Elaine, who is what I call “softly tough”. Elaine’s been around, she’s experienced. She knows how to handle the game.
Q. My kind of female.
A. The only problem is, Barney has no clue how to handle her.
Q. Barney is the seafood palace owner without any fresh fish?
A. Correct, played by Rod Grainger, who in real life is married to Kesey.
Q. Wait a fast second here? You mean to tell me the real-life babe is married already?
A. Not only that, but Kesey plays a married woman in one of her roles as Jeanette, the wife of a good friend of Barney’s. She and Barney hatch this idea to have an affair.
Q. That’s pure crazy. She’s married to Grainger and his best friend?
A. Look, about Barney. Bottom line, he’s trying to score. He’s seen all the fun going on all around him and he’s decided to give it a whirl. Only Barney’s much too new to it, and he doesn’t know what to do.
Q. Barney needs to talk to me. Alleycat Al can get real on scoring with the femmes.
A. Look, Neil Simon intended for the play to be an escape, nothing too serious. The action is meant to be funny and engaging, like when Barney gives it a go with Bobbi, who is ditzy and just drives him crazy talking about all her stories of scoring with other men.
Q. Wow. So does he end up even scoring in the end?
A. See the play.
Q. Wait a second. Back to the fact that Kesey and Grainger are married in real life? Have I got any kind of shot?
A. I think they’re happily married. They apparently had a lot of fun rehearsing at home for the show. They would get into their parts and it would get real. They’re such accomplished actors, they would show up at set ready to roll.
Q. Okay then, we’re done here. I got some serious alley-prowling to go for.
A. Good luck. Are you hoping to score?
Q. Dude, what else?
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