Auditions for Family Drama


The Willits Community Theatre will be hosting auditions for Painting Churches, a drama by Tina Howe, to be directed by Ellen Weed. Auditions will be held on Wednesday March 19 at 6 p.m. and Saturday March 21 at 3 p.m. 

Painting Churches is a three-person play about family issues. Gardiner and Fanny Church are an elderly married couple who are moving out of their opulent Boston home and “downsizing” to a bungalow on Cape Cod.  Their artist-daughter, Mags, returns home to help them move. In addition, she has an ulterior motive; to paint them, as they really are. Her return is something of a homecoming and the play explores both the darkness and light of their lives.

For Painting Churches, two of the roles have already been cast. Veteran actor and stage director Bill Barksdale will play Gardiner Church and Ukiah actress Hofsa Stewart will play Fannie. The role which is yet to be cast is that of Mags, their daughter. 

Mags is in her thirties. Having moved to New York City and successfully pursued a career as an Expressionist portrait painter, despite her mother’s lifelong stultifying influence and her father’s increasing inaccessibility, Mags approaches her homecoming with a combination of grit, determination, and deep-seated vulnerability.  Director Ellen Weed says that actresses wishing to play Mags ought to be able to “go deep.” 

Painting Churches will rehearse in April and May and will open on June 12. It will play for 10 performances and will close on June 28.  Scripts of Painting Churches will be available at the Willits Library after March 9. For more information about the play and the character of Mags, call Ms. Weed at 462-6366. 

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