Celebrating 40 Years of Service to Our Community!

It is 2017, and the Willits Community Theatre is celebrating its 40th year! That’s 40 years of fabulous plays, amazing musical events, special events focusing on local talent, and 40 years of service to you, our family, our friends, our community.

Here’s another fact that you may find hard to believe: it costs over $5,000 a month to maintain our theatre! Did you know WCT has a mortgage payment of nearly $900 a month? We also pay for internet, phone service, several required insurance policies, property taxes, water/sewer, trash, gas and electricity. We also have three part-time paid, hard working employees, which adds other taxes and costs.

Here’s another fact: even though we charge for shows we present, we usually just break even on costs, and sometimes we lose money. The money we bring in covers the costs of the show including royalties ($1000 to $2500) for the use of the plays, printing, postage, publicity, props, paint, costumes, set-building, and similar items.

I know you’re asking, “If it costs so much, why do you do it?” We do it for you! Our mission is to serve you, the community. We are the Willits Community Theatre! Though not everyone will enjoy everything that we do, most people will enjoy most things we do. We love our patrons and our community, and we want to be here for you for many years to come!

We operate and continue to function because of the tireless efforts of our volunteers, our Board of Directors, our committees that decide where we go and how we function (again, all volunteering their time) and because of those who love us so much that they contribute money or other resources to keep us going.

More than 40% of our income comes from our supporters, our heroes. I’d like you to consider something; would you consider becoming a monthly supporter of local talent? Would you consider committing to give a monthly pledge of support to WCT? Could you give $5, $10, $20 or more? Would you consider becoming one of our Bill Buddies, and take over part of, or even all of a bill? Would you consider being a Printing Pal and help with printing posters, postcards, or postage costs? How about a Kostume King, or Set Saviour, or a Power Partner? Partner with us! Join our TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More; together, we can accomplish anything.

Your contributions are tax-deductible and they free up time from fretting about what bills we can pay so we can focus on things that make you say, “Wow, what an amazing experience! We have the best Theatre anywhere.”

Thank you for being our friends, our heroes, our partners.

We’ll see you at the Theatre!

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