Replace our 27 Year Old Stage: GoFundMe Campaign 2019

August 2019:


Our 27 year old stage must be replaced this December. Matching funds are available through the end of August.

The Willits Community Theater (WCT) is one of those places that makes Willits special. For over 42 years we have enjoyed so many great performances.  Now the stage has soft spots and needs to be completely replaced.  Using the tool of crowd sourcing, your donations can help raise the $15,000 needed to replace the stage as well as the many other major technical repairs needed for the theatre.

One of our generous longtime supporters is willing to make your donation go twice as far by doing a Matching Challenge!!  Any donation made to the Willits Community Theatre between July 22 and August 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000.

The WCT board of directors, and the many committee members that serve WCT are volunteers.  We are willing to serve you through WCT because we know that there must be a voice of community theatre.  WCT needs your support each year to keep building a better WCT.  With your continued support, WCT will continue to provide shows and education opportunities.

Our upcoming show by our Youth Theatre Camp is Peter Pan A Musical Adventure, August 9-18.  Followed by I And You, October 4-19.  Our Guest Artist Series brings you Pandit Deobrat Mishra in concert August 11th, and Native American Comics Marc Yaffee & Adam Stone, August 25th.  Dirty Cello will be in concert on our stage September 8th, and SonoMusette on October 6th. These are going to be great shows and a great opportunity to share WCT with your family, colleagues, and friends in our iconic town.  Come join us!

We appreciate every contribution towards completing this project in time to greet the new year 2020, in service to our diverse community. WCT is a 501(c) 3 Non Profit, all contributions are tax deductible, and a letter will be sent to all contributors.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today.

Willits Community Theater Inc

is a 

501(c)3 NonProfit Charitable Organization
EIN: 942725188

WCT seatsFB

UPDATE October 2, 2014:

Three Cheers for Everyone! The seat covers have been replaced and repairs have been done – they are beautiful and the WCT looks so classy! Come one come all to sit and enjoy the fruits of our community project – admire them and enjoy the comfort. See you at the Willits Community Theatre!  Huge gratitude to all who contributed to this project!

Dear Friends,

Thanks to the team who worked together to make our fundraising campaign to refurbish the theater seats such a success. To date, we have received over $9,000 in donations to ensure the success of this project.

Thanks to Al Rosen for his fantastic video and editing skills, and to Linda Posner who directed and narrated the video.  Thanks to Galen and Tara, the special young people featured in the video and to the back-up players who rounded out the cast.  Thanks to Dick Graham who graciously donated his precious rehearsal time to allow his cast to participate in the video.

The publicity was awesome.  Thanks to Kitty Norris as the social media maven for keeping it pumping and to Freddie Long for passing our promos on to her mailing list.  Steve Hellman wrote wonderful press releases, the Willits News and Willits Weekly were gracious in running all of our promos, and dear Emmy Good provided that last minute, unsolicited, fabulous endorsement letter that helped bring us over the top.

This was truly a community effort and I am so amazed and grateful for the outpouring of support for the Willits Community Theatre. It is up to the WCT folks, now, to get to work and get those seats done!

With humble thanks for all of your support,

Donna Vaiano
Campaign Manager

Thanks to our generous contributors:

 Anonymous, Anonymous, Barbara Willens, Belle Hicks, Beth Rosen, Bill & Emmy Good, Bill Barksdale, Brian Weller & Freddie Long, Bruce Andich, MD; Carlin Diamond, Christopher Martin, Cyndee Logan, Dave and Jenny Watts, Don & Annie Samson, Donna Vaiano, Eldon Moilanen, Fran Koliner, Frank and Georgia Galey, Gail Richards, Gordon & Karen Oslund, Greg Byers, Harvey Frankle & Jackie Pelner-Frankle, Henry Rued DDS, Henry Shebitz, Howard Memorial Hospital, Ilene Weeks, Jason Edington, Jean Morawski, Jennifer O’Brien, Joanne Franklin, Joyce Waters, Keith & Lynne Matheny, Keith Rutledge and Nancy Simpson, Kate Black, Kitty Norris, Lanny Cotler, Larry & Lynn Tunstall, Lee and Evelyn Persico, Len & Betty Cudney, Linda MacDonald, Linda McNiel, Linda Posner, Lynn Davis, Madge Strong, Margie Handley, Maria Norris, Mariposa Market, Mary Burns & Dennis Miller, Mary Zellachild, Matt Holzhauer, Michael & Christine Griggs, Neil and Amy Elliott, North Valley Bank, Pat Collins, Patti Williams, Patsy Broeske, Pipeworks Brewing Chicago, Richard Graham, Ron Ragan & Martha Carol, Ruth Young, Sal & Sandi Madrigal, Sara O’Brien, Steve Hellman, Sunny Cordell/Mike Principati, Susan & Norm McLean, Tamara Adams, Tania Borras, Wendy Hilderbrand, Wendy Wilmes, Willits Mobile Lock & Key, Willits Rotary.

Dear Friends
The Willits Community Theater (WCT) is one of those places that makes Willits special. For over 20 years we have enjoyed so many great performances.
Now the seats have become downright shabby. Using the tool of crowd sourcing, your donations can help raise the $7,500 needed to refurbish and recover these seats.
Go to
If you are not comfortable donating on line, please come by the Goods’ Shoppe and put something in our WCT collection can. No amount is too small. How about a group of you getting together and honoring a local community hero (living or past) by collecting $300 to place on a seat a brass plaque with the name of the one you wish to honor.
We are already over 60% and still have until May 29th. Thanks to all who have donated. You are the community in WCT.

Emmy Good, theater lover

What is Seats for the Soul About?

From humble beginnings in 1977, the Willits Community Theatre has developed into a well-established theatrical organization that has produced over 135 main stage  performances for the community of Willits.  Our stage has offered classics, musicals, children’s theatre, improvisation, mystery, cabaret, comedy, drama, experimental and original works by local authors. Truly a Center for the Performing Arts, the WCT also hosts up to 8 to 10 concert performances per year by many Grammy-award winning musicians as well as having participated in the SF Bay Area’s ODC Walking Distance Dance Festival in Willits .

All of that adds up to a lot of bottoms sitting on our theater seats.

SeatingWell-worn from many years of use, all of the seats need a substantial re-furbishing.  Our campaign goal is to re-cover all 67 seats in sturdy fabric so that our audiences can enjoy another 35-plus years of quality entertainment in comfort and safety.

What We Need & What You Get

Theatre upholstery is expensive!  Labor and fabric charges will cost more than $100 per seat.  We have already investigated replacing the theater seats but that turns out to be not a viable option. So we are coming to you to ask for your financial support.  Our funding goal is $7500 to cover all expenses.

Our donor perks invite you to participate in theater activities. It is our policy to keep the COMMUNITY in WILLITS COMMUNITY THEATRE.  Anything from $10 to $1000 is  welcome.  If you are unable to contribute money, we equally welcome your volunteer energy.

Besides feeling intensely proud of yourselves, of our incredible community, and of our jewel of a theatre, here’s what you get when you contribute:

List in program thru Dec 2015

List in program thru Dec 2015
, 2 comp ticket coupons for ONE show

List in program thru Dec 2015
, 4 comp ticket coupons for ONE show

List in program thru Dec 2015
, 4 comp ticket coupons for ONE show plus 
invite for 2 to Gala

List in program thru Dec 2015, 
invite for 2 to Gala, 
 plus 2 season passes

List in program thru Dec 2015,  
invite for 2 to Gala, 
2 season passes, 
Brass plaque

List in program thru Dec 2015, 
invite for 2 to Gala
, 2 season passes
,  Brass plaque
. Dinner and theatre for 2 with Director

List in program thru Dec 2015, 
invite for 2 to Gala, 
2 season passes
, Brass plaque
, dinner and theatre for 2 with Director
.  Name(s) on lobby plaque


Other Ways You Can Help

We realize that some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Here are other ways to help:

1. Contact the theater and offer your services as a volunteer in an area of your choice.
2. Share this page on your Facebook page (simply click the Facebook logo at the left side of this page)
3. Tell your friends about Willits Community Theatre and encourage them to visit our IndieGoGo Fundraising Page. 
4. Visit us in downtown Willits and discover the excitement of local live theater!