Thank you for supporting the 2019 WCT Guest Artists Series!

Dear Guest Artists and WCT Patrons and Supporters!

Thank you for your ongoing and faithful support of our Guest Artists Series. You are literally helping feed, clothe and house these professional  Artists, as well as helping keep the Theatre open and the Stage available to everyone in our Community.

The Audience is the most important part of the Theatre! The Artists get energetically fed from our responses during the performances, our Applause, our Appreciation. All of our Guest Artists have told us repeatedly how wonderful our Audiences are. That is gratitude for you, treasure that! 

SonoMusette was the final 2019 Guest Artists Concert, and it was so much fun! Thanks to all who attended, and shared the enormous joy of it. 

After “I and You” (Don’t Miss It!) closes, more of the WCT Volunteers will demolish the existing 27 year old stage and build a new one, with many improvements. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project via our GoFundMe program, and in other ways.

Our November play “Twelfth Night” will be performed at Willits High School, directed by (the one and only) Billy Hetherington.  

See you soon!

We remain faithfully yours, in dedicated Community Service 

Kitty & Creek

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